When the Bad Thing is Beautiful


by Carly Hill

Browsing through news stories, one from the Young Cons caught my eye. The headline read, “Praise God: Woman pressured by doctors to abort brain-damaged baby gives birth to healthy girl.”

Any story involving pregnancy and childbirth makes me pause. I lost two pregnancies. Both under pretty traumatic circumstances (article on loss #1, article on loss #2). So, abortion is a very personal topic for me. Headlines like the one I just mentioned – where it all worked out beautifully for the family that made a good pro-life choice are wonderful and something to rejoice in. But, the stories that don’t seem to work out beautifully are the ones that really stir me. And maybe that’s just because I’ve walked through several valleys where the thing I hoped and prayed for wasn’t the thing I got.

To me, the most powerful thing is to see people react when the bad thing happens. The most powerful thing is to see them still praising God.

Two examples immediately come to my mind.

1. I went to church with a lady whose husband, a police officer, was shot and killed, leaving her and their two-year-old son behind. He died on a Saturday, and on Sunday morning, she was in the front row at church, singing worship songs with both hands over her head. I’m crying right now just typing it because that’s not just a story I heard. It’s something I saw. I saw them do life together. I saw them loving each other. Then, I saw her still loving God when her husband was taken away. Right after her husband was taken away.

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