Attempted Stealth Amnesty Gets Help From 20 RINO Defectors


The Washington D.C. “Ruling Class” continues to wage its amnesty war on Heartland America, with attacks coming on several fronts. But while it is easy to blame Barack Obama for his unconstitutional overreaches and abuses of power that have literally opened the floodgates of illegal invaders, he could not enjoy such dubious successes without significant help from the Republican Party.

Only a few months back, the “Republican” controlled House and Senate were in a prime strategic position to defund Obama’s “Executive Amnesty,” and thus draw a line in the sand on behalf of the American people. But doing so would have generated intense media criticism, along with the monotonously predictable cries of “racism,” and “mean-spiritedness” from every Democrat who could find a microphone. Clearly, the well-being of the American people was not worth such an exorbitant price, so once again the GOP caved to Obama’s agenda of further eroding America’s national integrity.

On Thursday, congressional Republicans were successful in stopping an insidious effort to establish another devious road to amnesty that would also further compromise the United States military. Language inserted into the Defense Authorization Act by pro-amnesty Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego of Arizona would have opened the door for illegals to enlist in the United States military. Thankfully, an amendment by Representative Mo Brooks (R.-AL) was passed by the full house, and thus halted this seditious effort.
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