As BurkaChick, a typical piffle progressive, I find myself drawn to the plight of poor Lois “the Liar” Lerner and her socialist snot-nosed sidekick Holly Paz. There is something in their indifference to democracy that all us lefty libs find communist-tickly compelling. Could it be the contemptuous way Lois holds her “holier than thou” head? Perhaps her “my poo doesn’t permeate” demeanor? She certainly has that liberal, “Who cut the cheese” expression that we preaching progressives are famous for. It’s been several weeks since her non-testimony, but I still admire her socialist self-righteous squawk of claiming innocence then refusing to answer questions for the American public who employ her. As the typical lapdog liberal, Lois “the Liar” Lerner is an inspiration to all us progressives, especially since her repercussion was getting a paid leave of absence.

But now, at the front, we see Holly “Tea Party Persecute” Paz. Suddenly Jolly Holly, the “Wendy’s” logo and “Pippi Longstocking” look-a-like, is taking the big one for the D.C. team. How clever and chivalrous of the big honchos on the hill, to have Ms. Paz be the scapegoat of the entire IRS scandal. Her claim of “I thought the Tea Party was shorthand for political groups” and her Cincinnati set-ups being grilled by the IG while she was in the room, is predictably progressive politics. Even her testimony was filled with quaint faux-“Paz’s” foible’s. But what a gift to the hoity-toity higher ups to have their Ms. Santa-Paz take the rap as the one and only DC supervisor to go rogue.

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