Why Do Atheists Need a Holiday Display Anyway?


by Tad Cronn

Every December, we hear about some community or other where atheists are trying to stop public Christmas displays or trying to muscle in on them.

Last year and the year before, atheists in Santa Monica, California, were trying to destroy that community’s decades-long tradition of Nativity displays by rigging the process for distributing display space and taking as many spots for themselves as they could get their hands on.

The atheists used their spaces for displays about evolution, the winter solstice and to bad-mouth other religions.

That prompted the city to cancel the displays altogether under legal threat from the atheists. Fortunately, other community members have stepped up and the displays are continuing on private property this year.

This year, the atheists are invading the Florida state capitol, which is open to all groups that apply to have a display there, as it should be. The capitol building currently shows a Nativity and a giant Menorah. Both are privately funded and maintained, so the state spends no money on them.

The ACLU is considering legal action to have those displays removed.

Meanwhile, though, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the nation’s premier anti-Christian hate group, is putting up a banner specifically to mock Christmas. It is due to go up this week and is expected to feature the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and other Founding Fathers “worshipping” the Bill of Rights, which is laid in a manger, making fun of the traditional Nativity scene across the room.

The banner distorts both history and the Constitution to support the atheists’ superiority complex: “Let us also honor the birth of our Bill of Rights, which reminds us there can be no freedom OF religion without having freedom FROM religion in government.”

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