Astonishing Contrast: U.S. Youth vs. Israeli Youth


Stunned by defeat and still licking its considerable wounds in the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upset landslide re-election, the radical left, anti-Zionist Haaretz has published a lengthy article on the group most responsible for Netanyahu’s win: the young.

It is a striking piece.

Haaretz summed it up this way: Israel’s youth voted in overwhelming numbers for Netanyahu because of “security, security, security – and distrust of Arabs [that is, Muslims], the left and media.”

In the United States of America, this very group delivered a fraud, a liar and America-hater into the Oval Office, not once but twice. Despite joblessness, nationalized mandatory health care that they must pay for, the explosion of jihad, Benghazi, American youth (the poo generation) without thought or consideration elected the most anti-American and dangerous president in American history.

American youth have been systematically misled and misinformed about the grave threats we face. The public school system has long since moved away from teaching the three Rs. Instead, it’s inculcation and dogma. Critical thinking, once fundamental to American education, is discouraged, punished even. Junk science, environmentalism and other such nonsense have replaced the essentials.

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