As we risk losing constitutional governance forever, who will step forward to preserve our rule of law?


The topic is regard for the rule of law — our Constitution — in America. As I write this, we are once again being treated with blatant disregard by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her four years of using private emails in her official duties — and I don’t mean supplementing her official email — this is sole usage of private email backed by a private server in her personal home.

So the folks at wanted to remind you of the disturbing actions being taken by our federal government:

The rule of law is in grave danger, as federal regulators use ever thinner legal pretexts to enable vast public policy changes without votes by our elected representatives. In a span of just seven days, the FCC declared the Internet a public utility, Congress acceded to DHS implementing executive amnesty, the president used a veto threat to protect the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ambush elections rule, and the Supreme Court’s four liberals showed they are not just willing but enthusiastic to allow the IRS to ignore the plain language of Obamacare — King v Burwell case on federal healthcare subsidies. A great week for regulators, but a terrible week for everyone else.

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