Army stops briefings which labeled Christians as extremist threats!


by Tami Jackson

Last week’s victory should hearten Americans and should be a watermark of a week in the long war when we flyover folks began to wake up and remained awake. When America and Liberty heard the resounding cry of freedom shouted and echoing throughout.

America was stunned last week to discover pre-deployment briefings at Ft. Hood instructing soldiers that Evangelical Christians and Tea Party members posed a threat to America.

Thanks to new media sounding the alert, patriots across the nation awoke and let their voices be heard in a mighty way: such briefings were ludicrous and wholly unacceptable.

Adding to the incredulous content of the briefings was the history of the venue. In my May 28 article I wrote:

On November 5, 2009, Hasan massacred 13 and wounded more than 32 U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood while screaming “Allahu Akbar,” or “Allah is greatest.”

And concluded the piece:

The massacre at Fort Hood confirms that The Global War on Terror continues, despite the President’s pathetic inability to even say the words: we must have the will to win in spite of Obama, AG Holder and their ilk who bow to the Islamist fanatics.

But rather than call out Islamist terrorists as the avowed enemies of the United States, high-ranking appointments within the DoD have propagated a tainted theory labeling Christians and Tea Party members as the extremists.

Contrary to all evidence, sympathizers of the Muslim Brotherhood and other extreme Muslim groups who hold positions of power within Obama’s Administration and the Department of Defense, routinely name Christians as a threat.

Fast forward to last last week with Todd Starnes’ amazing update:

The Secretary of the Army has ordered military leaders to halt all briefings on extremist organizations that labeled Evangelical Christian groups as domestic hate groups. The shutdown comes just four days after I reported exclusively about a briefing at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby that labeled the American Family Association as a domestic hate group.

“On several occasions over the past few months, media accounts have highlighted instances of Army instructors supplementing programs of instruction and including information or material that is inaccurate, objectionable and otherwise inconsistent with current Army policy,” Army Sec. John McHugh wrote to military leaders in a memorandum I obtained.

McHugh “directed that Army leaders cease all briefings, command presentations or training on the subject of extremist organizations or activities until that program of instruction and training has been created and disseminated,” Army spokesman Col. David Patterson, Jr., tells me.

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