Are Public Schools ‘Birth Profiling’ Your Kids?


There is no doubt that the socialist led public school system in America has been steadily invading more our privacy than ever before and most of it is none of their business.

It’s common knowledge that many schools throughout the land monitor the social media pages of their students. There have been a number of times where schools have disciplined students for things they have done on their own time away from school that has nothing to do with school. This is evidence of the socialist mantra that the government, of which the public schools are a part of, believe that your kids belong to them and not to you.

Now it seems some schools might be using some form of what I refer to as ‘birth profiling’ of your kids.

Cara Paiuk’s son Aiven will be attending kindergarten this fall at Aiken Elementary School in West Hartford, Connecticut. When she went to enroll him, she was taken aback by some of the information the enrollment form was asking of her about the birth history of her son. They wanted to know if there were any pregnancy problems, whether the birth was vaginal or Cesarean, were there any problems at the time of birth or in the first week afterwards and if the child came home from the hospital at the same the mom did.
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