Are Proceeds from Your Coffee and Shampoos Supporting Planned Parenthood?


It’s not just your tax dollars that are supporting Planned Parenthood — proceeds from your coffee and shampoo may be too!

As 2nd Vote points out, the abortion giant isn’t exactly hurting for cash — not when you consider the 40 companies giving directly to Cecile Richards’s group. Add that to the millions Planned Parenthood banks from abortion (and potentially, abortion’s victims) and the organization should be able to manage just fine without the government’s support.

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If liberals want to continue lining Planned Parenthood’s pockets after the allegations that they traffic in baby body parts, let them do it with their own money! But it’s time for corporations and Congress to cut ties.

Taxpayers already fork over billions of dollars to Planned Parenthood unwillingly. How much more will you give willingly by doing business with its corporate partners? Some of these companies may be in the process of severing those relationships. If so, you can give them a helpful push. Send them a note and ask them to discontinue their donations to an organization under criminal investigation for violating — not just the law, but basic decency.

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