Are Obama, Gays, and the Media Creating a Christian Backlash in America?


Barack Obama has spent his entire six years in office demonstrating his preference for Muslims, secular humanists, Europeans, homosexuals, abortionists, and even golf over Christianity. As verified by his former “pastor” Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s only interest in Christianity is how it can help or hurt him politically. Further, President Obama has played a key role in transforming America into a society in which it has become not just acceptable but sporting to discriminate against Christians. Now his feelings are hurt because Christians are critical of him. We aren’t “loving” enough for the thin-skinned president. Imagine that. Apparently the President expects Christians to thank him for helping promote a culture that treats followers of Christ like lepers. Any Christian who is not critical of Barack Obama is either hopelessly out of touch or living in a state of delusion.

Apparently our pouting President thinks Christians are supposed to sit back and meekly accept the abuse dished out by liberals and homosexual groups who treat them like a punching bag. If the President had studied the Bible more closely—make that at all—he would know what happened when Jesus got fed up with the moneychangers in the Temple. Just as Jesus grew weary of the abuse and hypocrisy of the Pharisees, Christians are growing weary of the abuse of liberals and homosexuals. Frankly, Christians in America are getting tired of turning the other cheek when their religious freedom is being stomped on by homosexual bullies and left-wing zealots. Christians are also getting tired of being on the losing end of a double standard that favors every other group in society over them. For example, in recent weeks the owners of Muslim-owned bakeries have been covertly filmed refusing to serve people posing as homosexuals. Where is the outrage against these Muslim-owned businesses? Where are the charges of discrimination? Why is there a double standard in which Christians are always the losers while other groups get a pass?
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