My AR 15 Is NOT an Assault Rifle


by Jan Morgan

Every time there is a mass shooting and its believed an AR 15 is involved, News Anchors, Reporters, and Commentators, spread the epidemic of stupid with their language and gun talk that clearly demonstrates most of them have scant knowledge on the subject of firearms. I have listened to news people, who are PAID TO DELIVER FACTUAL INFORMATION TO THEIR VIEWERS, consistently refer to the AR 15 as a “HEAVY WEAPON… AN ASSAULT RIFLE”… An AUTOMATIC RIFLE… A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.. Bill O’Reilly even questioned how Nancy Lanza could have legally acquired such a heavy weapon in a state with such strict gun control laws.

It is one thing to not have knowledge on a given subject yet earnestly seek it. That is commendable.

It is another to act and speak on that subject as if you are knowledgeable, using wrong terminology with the intent to sensationalize or push a personal agenda.

My AR is not an assault rifle.
It is not an assault weapon.
It will never be used to criminally assault anyone.
My AR will only be used for defensive and sporting purposes.
It is simply a modern musket.

In addition, the fact that I go to the gun range on a regular basis, does not make me an American of questionable character. The fact that I am a gun enthusiast and may legally own multiple guns/rifles does not make me a criminal or someone who should be closely watched by the government.

90 million gun owners with over 300 million guns KILLED NO ONE LAST YEAR.

Owning an AR 15 is a legal right. Owning an AR 15 does not make me a dangerous gun fanatic any more than owning a Corvette over the usual less expensive average sports car makes someone a dangerous car fanatic.

I am not ashamed… I am proud to say I own a Bushmaster AR 15.

To all the businesses who are pulling them from their shelves, I say, SHAME ON YOU for buckling to public pressure. The Founders would be so proud that you bravely stood your ground for the 2nd Amendment. You will never get my business again.

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