Appeals Court Overturns Murder Conviction because a Six-Day-Old Baby isn’t Actually a Person


A disturbing story about a criminal case in New York may be laying the groundwork for some very dark days ahead. A woman who was convicted of murder after driving recklessly and causing an accident recently had her conviction overturned by an appeals court in the Empire State.

Warner Todd Huston tells the story on Publius Forum:

In 2008 a pregnant woman who severely injured her baby in utero by driving recklessly was charged with murder when the baby died six-days after being born. After years of court cases, a New York Appeals court ruled that the baby wasn’t a baby–yes, even though it was alive and outside the mother for six days–and the woman cannot be charged with murder…

The dissenting judge, Eugene Fahey, was thoroughly disgusted by the majority ruling saying, “I cannot join in a result that analyzes our statutes to determine that a six-day-old child is not a person”…

This law essentially says that a human is not a “person” until they pass through the portal of birth, as if the birth canal itself bestows “personhood” on human beings. This is such an arbitrary and silly claim that it makes a mockery of the law not to mention belittles life itself.

The idea that you are not a person on one side of the birth canal but you are on the other is absurd–especially in light of the capabilities of modern medicine.

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