‘Apocalyptic Islam’ Paving Way for ‘Islamic Messiah’


Joel Rosenberg, author of a number prophecy books, has been addressing the topic of an “apocalyptic Islam.” The following is from an interview he did with the Christian Post:

“We are not simply facing a threat from radical Islam. At the core, we are actually facing something even worse. We face the threat of apocalyptic Islam. For the first time in human history, we now are faced with two nation-states whose leaders are driven by an end-of-the-world [theology].

A number of political people are listening to Rosenberg, so much so that he has been dubbed a “modern-day Nostradamus,” not a very complimentary thing to say about a Christian. But with so much history of prophetic speculation in the past, the moniker fits. People have short memories. They forget or have never known that prophetic speculation in the light of world events has a long and failed track record.

The fear among people like me is that Rosenberg, like John Hagee, will give enough people in Congress a false prophetic narrative that will lead them to engage in a Middle East war. At the same time, millions of conservative Christians will see getting involved politically as unproductive because, as Rosenberg and others argue, they’ll be “raptured” to heaven before all hell breaks loose.

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