I Would Do Anything for My Country — But I Won’t Do That


by Elisha Todd

In 1993 the artist known as Meatloaf scored a number one hit with the song “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That).” Most listeners of the song failed to identify the “That” of the title and this probably led to countless sleepless nights of lyrical pondering. After all, if it’s for true love, wouldn’t we do anything morally acceptable within the human realm of possibility? Alas, experience shows the ease in making the talk and the difficulty in following via the walk.

This, then, brings us to the current reality of our national nightmare. It is impossible to deny that we are in the midst of disaster. No one is satisfied with the status quo. Progressives hold faith in a future utopian impossibility that can be reached only by following their irrational plans to achieve unattainable goals. Conservatives seek to restore the common sense foundation that was laid for our nation when the firm guiding principles for its preservation were established.

Both sides vow to do anything for their cause, but only Conservatives add the caveat “but I won’t do that.” In all fairness, Conservatives are at a decided disadvantage in this battle due to the confining limitations of their morality. For them, the ends do not justify the means. They cannot proclaim campaign promises they know to be lies such as, “If you like your healthcare, you can keep it.” They cannot steal elections like the ‘honorable’ Minnesota Senator Al Franken. They cannot take taxpayer millions like Acorn and its myriad of community-organizing spawn and buy voters. They cannot afford to bus in paid supporters like SEIU does to demonstrate at public events. They cannot control the biased message of the lockstep mainstream media and seldom can even make their voices heard. But, sadly, often Conservatives will not even leave their comfort zone to do the things that can (and must) be done.

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