Another Racially Motivated Murder – When will it Stop?


A couple of weeks ago another heinous racially motivated murder was committed in our nation. Two young men harassed, then brutally assaulted a 57 year old homeless man who eventually died from the beating. His body was found beaten and bruised at a local Middle School in Flint, Michigan. To make matters worse, the murder was apparently racially motivated. It is quite likely that the local authorities in Flint are even now preparing to welcome some of our nation’s boldest civil rights leaders as they come to protest this heinous crime.

The homeless man, Gary Nagy, was white. His attackers were a 20 year old and a 15 year old, both African American. Obviously, since the victim and the assailants were of different skin tones there were racial elements at play.

Wait…? So our revered civil rights leaders won’t be travelling to Flint, Michigan? There won’t be any public proclamations of a climate of racial hatred? This won’t be used as another example of the attempt by white America to suppress its minority citizens? In fact, it’s very likely you won’t even see it mentioned in the news.

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