Another Heinous Crime by an Illegal Immigrant Just Days after Governor Declares Connecticut A “Sanctuary State”


Illegal immigrants are flocking to sanctuary cities and states where they can do as they please without risk of deportation, even when doing as they please involves criminal acts against US citizens, which for some reason doesn’t really matter to the leaders of those sanctuaries, to whom political correctness is far more important than the safety and security of the people who elected them and who pay their salaries.

Connecticut governor Dannel Malloy may be the worst of these leaders and his citizens are paying the price. Malloy should be sued by the families of those who have been harmed by his political correctness, and all federal funding should be withheld from the state of Connecticut until it complies with federal law.

There are many stories of illegal aliens committing crimes against innocent US citizens in sanctuary cities and states, including murder. Such heinous crimes are a regular occurrence.

Sanctuary cities and states who look the other way and permit criminal illegals to remain in their midst are in clear violation of 8 U.S. Code § 1324, (pictured above) which has been US law for decades.

Since the beginning of his campaign for office, Donald Trump has taken care to point out that some of the people illegally crossing our border are criminals. His “bad hombres” quip during a televised debate became the stuff of internet meme legend. Yet many cannot connect the dots between illegal entry by violent criminals and national security. Sadly, American families are paying the price for their ignorance or indifference, according to Allen West.

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