Another Expected Shooting


Another mass shooting in the United States creates yet another opportunity for our spineless president to push his left wing agenda. Riding on the backs of people needlessly murdered because of an irrational fear of allowing people to defend themselves, President Obama wastes no time and promises action on gun control. Like all shootings preceding this one, today’s happened to occur in another “gun free zone” where targets of opportunity run abound. According to Professor Eric Dietz of Purdue University, only two mass shootings since the 1950’s occurred in places where guns could be legally carried, the rest occurred where guns are banned.

In recent years, every mass shooting we have witnessed tells the same story. An armed man completely ignores the “gun free zone” and is free to murder at will until a good guy with a gun comes and stops him. Liberals would have you believe the good guy with a gun reality is a myth; however, if that’s the case then why do they rely on the police? What would have been so wrong if a person inside the school was carrying a legally concealed handgun? They could have saved lives. Even Obama’s FBI admits that an increase in gun ownership results in a decrease in crime.

Why is the left so intent on preventing people from being able to defend themselves and their loved ones? Perhaps their undying support for Planned Parenthood holds the answer, but that’s for another article.

The New York Post is reporting that the shooter forced people to confess their religion before being murdered. Witnesses are claiming that he was exclusively killing Christians and according to those who survived the event, the shooter was lining his victims up and shooting them in the head execution style after they claimed Christianity as their religion. This is exactly what we have been expecting in this country as this traitorous administration has usurped our constitutional system of government and handed the reigns over to those who hate us.
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