Another Conservative Giant Puts His Support Behind…


It’s time for unity in the GOP, and unity is what it will take to defeat Hillary in 2016.

Joe the Plumber became headline news with his accidental meeting with Candidate Obama prior to Election ’08. Joe’s forthright questioning quickly made him a bit of a “folk legend,” the every day working man asking Obama the tough stuff. Now Joe’s back with some straightforward thoughts about Donald Trump and why he’s supporting him.

People talk about a tipping point in time where liberty, freedom, and the system based on our Constitution which allowed America to become the most productive, powerful, and benevolent country in world history could all go away.

I don’t know if we’ve passed it, but I know this: I support Donald Trump to try and restore us first to sanity, then back to greatness. If you don’t believe the Constitution and our very way of life hang in the balance in this election, then you’d better start paying attention.

I’ve been supporting and promoting Donald Trump for President for a long time — whether it’s on the road, or on — where we say; “It’s not about right and left. It’s about right and wrong.” Never has this rang so true for us.

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