Another Brave Female Champion Stands Up to Islam in America


It seems that as I write about great culture warriors and real heroes who are making a difference, increasingly I am writing about women. Nothing wrong with that at all of course, although it does raise the question: where are all the men?

Why is it so often that when we have some major battle on our hands, or a real crisis to deal with, that it seems that brave women come to the plate and stand strong, yet on so many occasions all we get is crickets chirping from the men? Is our culture so wimpified, and our men so feminized?

How have we gotten to such a place? Our emasculated men sit around watching TV and wasting their time, while so many strong and fearless women are standing up to the various challenges which threaten our very societies. Why is that?

Yet another example of a courageous female warrior doing battle comes from Texas. I refer to a politician by the name of Beth Van Duyne. She has led the charge against creeping sharia, and is now being hailed as a hero by some, while of course being demonized by others.

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