Angus T. Jones – From Kissing Miley Cyrus in Hollywood to Speaking at a Church in Houston


by Carly Hill

Today, Hollywood is shining a light on their “fallen” star Angus T. Jones, formerly the cute kid on Two and a Half Men. I say “fallen,” because to Hollywood, that’s what he is.

Angus’ name is trending because of a recent interview where he apologizes (kinda) for slamming the show he was on back in 2012. Angus said of his former boss Lorre and the show, “That’s his baby and I just totally insulted his baby, and to that degree I am apologetic, but otherwise, I don’t regret saying what I said.”

In his recent interview, he speaks on why he quit the show (that was paying him $300k an episode, mind you). Jones said, “It was making light of topics in our world that are really problems for a lot of people…and I was a paid hypocrite because I wasn’t OK with it, but I was still doing it.”

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