An Open Letter To The Director Of Mayors Against Illegal Guns


To: Mark Glaze, Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns

I watched your interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews which aired on August 2, 2013. First, let me commend you for making Chris Matthews the “voice of reason” during that interview. That is no easy feat considering Mr. Matthews’ track record of spouting the absurd. With that said, I wish to get to the main reason for why I’m writing this open letter.

It appears that your organization was misnamed. You’re not against illegal gun owners but legal gun owners. Why else would your organization go on a quest to disarm legal gun owners and claim that we don’t have the right to defend ourselves using Stand Your Ground? I have yet to hear a representative from your organization address the illegal gun trade or condemn our own federal government for its part in Operation Fast & Furious. No, the only thing you concern yourself with right now abolishing Stand Your Ground laws and whether it’s wrong to use a gun in an axe handle fight.

I have to admit that I was rather taken aback that you refused to acknowledge that a man coming at you with an axe handle is armed. Are you implying you can’t kill someone with an axe handle, Mr. Glaze, or that it’s the victim’s responsibility to deescalate the situation? It sounds as if you find the aggressor to be the true victim Mr. Glaze. Well, I’m writing this letter to prove that what you say is not only factually wrong but will cost anyone who heeds your words their lives.

Miss Marva Thompson was in her home the night of October 11, 1988 when her next door neighbor decided to break in. Morris Parrish, a 20-year old drug dealer didn’t expect to find her at home that night. His plan was to rob her and then sell her items so he can pay of the debt he owed to the Junior Black Mafia (JBM). Miss Thompson wasn’t supposed to be home since she generally worked nights as a nurse.

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