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Once upon a time, government was a far away thing that people were largely unaware of except when wars were being fought or infrastructure, like railroads or highways, were coming to their area. People knew they had to be self reliant because there were no agencies to turn to, no federal or state assistance to care for them when they had families to feed, and charities were comprised of locals who wanted to help people out of the goodness of their hearts, if they existed in an area at all. In that time, people lived, as they do today, according to Gods law or contrary to it. But they usually suffered the harsh consequences of their misdeeds and we didn’t apologize for it. Today, anything goes.

In 1902, the federal governments revenue accounted for 2.71% of the Gross Domestic Product. Include state and local taxes and the total burden then was about 7%. Today, that total is over 35%. Before the permanent income tax was imposed in 1913 the government got most of their tax dollars from real estate and other property taxes. Today it is derived primarily from income taxes. With steadily high unemployment and so many of those who are employed working for the government, whose only income is gained from taxing people, the math isn’t hard to do. Government, bureaucracies, and pension liabilities continue to grow at an alarming rate, and big brother is in your life to stay.

My primary fight for the last few years has been for the protection of our constitutional rights. I have seen a huge push by progressive liberals to transform America into a socialist ideal, because their evil leaders have convinced the sheeple that this is the height of compassion and humanity, to level the playing field so that no one has more than anyone else. My fear of losing my rights and of America being remade into this communist dream has motivated me. But last night I listened to a speech entitled “The Second Amendment: A Knife in a Gun Fight” by Ted R. Weiland, and it got me thinking.

A persons worldview makes all the difference when we are speaking of rights, responsibilities, and governance of those things. Weiland asserts that the Bill of Rights, and, indeed, even the Constitution, were written by men to govern men. But those things defined as rights, such as the right to bear arms (which assumes a right to protect and defend oneself and family, as well as the right to put down tyrants) were assigned to us by God as responsibilities, not rights. This begs the question, are we neglecting our responsibilities to God in lieu of accepting the rights granted to us by men who would presume to tell us what we may or may not do?

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