Amnesty and the Immigration Act of 1965


by David Risselada

As we face the somber facts that our president (as well as our Republican Speaker for that matter) will likely grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants, we have to come to accept that the precedent for this was already set as far back as 1965. What many people don’t realize is that immigration laws were dramatically changed in this period by Democrat President, Lyndon B. Johnson. In fact, it might be safe to say that this little understood piece of legislation was responsible for the Immigration reform and Control Act of 1986, which was signed into law by conservative icon, Ronald Reagan. This law gave legal status to nearly four million illegal immigrants and it was signed by one of the most conservative presidents we have ever had. Ronald Reagan, according to Charlotte Iserbyt, is also responsible for signing agreements with the Soviet Union concerning education and the merging of the two nations. This is discussed in further detail in my article entitled “The Truth about Education… A Truth We Have to Accept” found here at The Radical Conservative.

All we hear today is the need for diversity and multiculturalism. We are constantly being bombarded with accusations of racism and intolerance for cultures that are different than ours. As the struggle for human rights and equality raged in the 1960’s, it seems that the same ideas of non-discrimination were being applied universally, especially when it came to immigration. Lyndon B. Johnson reformed the nation’s immigration laws to make it a universal “human right” to immigrate to the United States. President Johnson claimed that by keeping immigrants from certain countries out of the U.S. we were not living up to our ideals of liberty and equality.

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