America’s Veterans Did NOT Fight for Socialism



Veterans are America’s heros. Veterans fought and many died for the liberty too many Americans today are tossing aside like a piece of useless garbage with no or very little thought about the consequences.
So many Americans are under the mistaken impression that socialism is just a liberal version of ordinary American politics.

No… Socialism is its own, very dangerous animal that weakens its prey by luring it in under the false pretense of an easier, less stressful existence.

Socialism, throughout history, has been a colossal failure for a number of reasons.

Once you vest all power in the government, history demonstrates that this government, takes on a life of its own, with the operating bureaucracy driving it to ever greater extremes of control. Additionally, history demonstrates that, if the wrong person becomes all-powerful in the state, the liberty of the individual is lost and people become victims of a psychopath’s ideas.

Nazi Germany is a perfect example because it was a socialist dictatorship. The Nazi’s official and frequently forgotten name was the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. In other words, while most people consider the Nazi party to be a totalitarian ideology arising from the right, it was, in fact, a totalitarian party arising from the left.

Practically within minutes of the Nazi takeover of the German government, individuals were subordinated to the state. Even industries that remained privately owned (and there were many, as opponents of the Nazis = socialist theory like to point out), were allowed to do so only if their owners bent their efforts to the benefit of the state. Show a hint of individualism, and an unwillingness to cooperate, and you’d swiftly find yourself in Dachau, with a government operative sitting in that executive chair you once owned.

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