America’s Soul: The Endless Battle


by Osei Dixon

America. The year 2013 has passed…and it really did not seem particularly better than the previous year.

The economy is still the pits. No one talks much about the unemployment rate these days, with so many people still out of work.

Sure, it’s dropped since the height of the recession, but most of those people just aren’t looking for jobs anymore. They’re living off savings, or perhaps unemployment or disability. Who can blame them? It’s not like the economy has recovered.

Nor is the economy going to recover any time soon. With Obamacare in our midst, the concept of entry-level full-time work is a relic of a bygone era. People are being required to pay for morbidly expensive, inefficient healthcare plans, losing their old ones and the sense of security that came with them.

Odious government regulations, far and above basic safety, strangle small businessmen with overhead costs. The exploitation of natural resources is being curbed, keeping prices high.

The president of the United States, reelected just a year ago, is a total mess.

He’s been caught in lies regarding his “signature achievement.” It has been revealed that the National Security Agency has been collecting data on Americans for much of his tenure. There are controversies and incidents from Fast & Furious to the Benghazi attacks which remain unquestioned and unsolved.

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