America’s Immigration Process: Broken Or Just Inconvenient?


In the midst of talks that go on between staunch illegal immigration supporters and those who support America’s laws, there is one theme that repeatedly comes up; that our immigration process is “broken”. How is the process “broken”? When liberal talking-heads or Obama complain about our system, all they talk about is how it’s “broken”, but they never give reasons as to why.

Currently, it takes work to become an American citizen, something a large majority of the left sees as a bad thing. A person must accomplish such things as being able to read, write, and speak English; as well as learn U.S. history and how our Constitution works.
What exactly is wrong with having expectations of a person who is going to be given citizenship without being born into it? It has long been a huge honor and privilege to become an “American” for true immigrants that came before these impostors. Many of them chasing the American dream where learning to assimilate and contribute to America; it gave them a sense of pride and loyalty to the country that promised them opportunity and stability.

If Obama and his band of progressive goons have their way, criminals will be given a free pass to become a citizen by the stroke of a pen. The mid-term elections were seen as a huge victory to many Republican loyalists, but for Conservatives it was a day filled with skepticism, serving the establishment up a heavy dose of a cautionary tale reminding them that their chances have run out.


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