Americans for Prosperity Launches New App to Expose Government Waste


Concerned citizens who are ambitions to expose government waste now have access to a new online app compliments of Americans for Prosperity (AFP). With just one mouse click, average citizens can become government watchdogs. Spending Spotlight is incredibly easy to use. Just enter a zip code, state or recipient name to find federal grants, contracts, farm subsidies and other government appropriations.

Spending Spotlight has already yielded some very revealing results. In Bridgeport, Conn., the app shows how a Head Start program has spent millions without accountability, and in New Jersey that app found that tuition at cosmetology schools, which cost more than an education at Rutgers University, are fueled by federal student loan dollars.

“Our activists have had enough of the empty promises and endless overspending coming out of Washington. Now, they’re taking action,” said Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips. “While sequestration was a tremendous victory for spending accountability, there is more to be done. Spending Spotlight is already proving that there is still plenty of waste, fraud and abuse left to root out of the federal budget, and the 2014 budget deal is the time to start making it happen.”

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