Americans are Following the Yellow Brick Road: Lions and Tigers and Bears


by Ray Vallorani

As I observe the current state of affairs in America, the 1939 classic film “The Wizard of Oz” comes to mind. I can’t help but think about that movie and the comparisons to our nation today it contains. Even though the movie is fictional, I think about innocent Dorothy wandering through the forest on her journey to find the great Wizard of Oz, the man who supposedly has all the answers and the solution to her lost situation. As Dorothy traveled, she was deeply concerned about facing lions, tigers and bears.

The symbolism in this movie can easily be fast-forwarded to the present with powerful implications. It is no stretch to view Dorothy as representing Americans today who are searching to find their way back to the country they once knew and where they once felt secure. The lions, tigers, and bears she feared have been replaced by the NSA, IRS, Benghazi, Obamacare, drones, supposed climate change, and lies, lies, and more lies.

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