Americans Disapprove of Obama’s Clueless Handling of Terrorism


Readers at this site already know my thoughts this subject, but I will state my contention one more time for the sake of emphasis: The only people who are happy with Barack Obama’s handling of terrorism are terrorists. Apparently a lot of people agree with me. A new poll taken by CNN bears out my contention. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. Even the network some call the “Communist News Network” is down on Obama.   Before getting into the actual numbers revealed by this poll, it is worth emphasizing that the research in question was conducted not by Fox News or an independent polling organization but by CNN—a leftwing news network that has been among Barack Obama’s most vocal supporters, apologists, and advocates. Frankly, had the poll been taken by a more objective organization I suspect the numbers would have been worst—at least for Barack Obama.

So what did the CNN poll reveal about what Americans think of President Obama’s handling of terrorism? The poll showed that 57 percent disapprove of how the president is handling ISIS and 54 percent disapprove of how he is handling terrorism in general. On one hand, that’s a lot of people who disapprove of the president’s leadership in this critical area. On the other hand, who in the world are the 40 or so percent who approve of this president’s hesitant, bungling, inept handling of the terrorist threat? Think about it. If you approve of Obama’s handling of terrorism, you must think it is acceptable for ISIS to behead those they capture—including innocent civilians who aren’t even part of the conflict—and burn alive those who oppose them in battle.
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