Would Americans Actually Dare Revolt Against This Abusive Government?


by Donald Joy

America’s Founding Fathers spelled it out pretty clearly: The purpose of government is to secure the God-given, inalienable rights of men. They put that exact language into The Declaration of Independence.

They also spelled out, exactly, that when government becomes abusive, and “destructive of these ends,” it is mankind’s right and duty to alter, abolish, or overthrow it.

You may have seen the recent news about prominent and well-spoken experts testifying before Congress regarding the Obama administration’s shocking usurpations and out-of-control excesses, especially the utter lack of regard for Constitutional limits on the powers of the executive branch. The testimony was remarkable in that the prospect of possible citizen uprising and revolt was brought up repeatedly. I can’t recall in my lifetime this ever having happened before, in such an official, high-level on-the-record context before the cameras and klieg lights.

The question that comes to my mind foremost is not whether such outright revolt is justified or warranted. The question is whether enough of us have the will and the wherewithal to carry it out.

Given what millions of us see as plainly egregious high crimes and misdemeanors by Obama and his agents, without adequate redress of our grievances by those who we believe are also largely corrupt–our representatives in Congress–a large chunk of the American population easily pays lip service to the idea of actual revolution, as opposed to more of the same-old, same-old election cycle shenanigans.

But talking and doing are, of course, two very different things.

I realize that by typing these words and sending them out over the cyber-clothesline, I’m somewhat risking a visit from the gestapo. So what. Let them throw me in jail. My wife and son would suffer, but if I’ve learned anything about that woman in the eight years we’ve been married, it’s that she can catch fish just as well or even better than I can on any given day, and probably live off the land if she has to. She was pretty much raised that way.

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