American Town Votes to ‘Relocate’ Because of Global Warming


A small village in Alaska, known as Shishmaref, has decidedly voted to relocate their entire town because global warming is putting its residents at risk of being washed away. This simplified narrative of the town’s uprooting is one environmentalists and the liberal media is trying to push, making the town a “poster child” for their global warming agenda.

A small town of nearly 600 people just north of the Bering Strait, Shishmaref is apparently being threatened by erosion and storm surge due to melting of Arctic sea ice. Earlier this week, the town held a vote, with a majority deciding relocation. The problem?They have no idea where they’re going, or how they’ll even pay for it.

However, the minor thought to chalk up Shishmaref’s demise to global warming is childish. The town itself was built on easily meltable permafrost in the 20th century, making it not the most suitable or safest choice for settlement. On top of that, the technology for advanced infrastructure would not be able to withstand the permafrost melt as well as the shrinking of the sea ice. Plus, back then, global warming was not even a subject of discussion.

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