American Politicians Don’t Get It


American politicians don’t get it. Politics “as usual” is not what the majority of American voters want. Yet the mainstream media and even “conservative” politicians continue to treat Donald Trump as an outsider; someone to be ostracized because he says what he thinks and is willing to take the actions the conventional politicians are not. The fact Trump is so far ahead of most of the normal politicians (who only say what they think is politically correct), after saying things that arouse the ire of even Fox News celebrities, paints a real picture of where the majority of Americans stand.

I cannot, with conviction, say I am all in for Trump. As a Christian, I am not convinced he is the candidate a true Christian wants to see in the White House. Having said that, I am so sick of seeing the dyed-in-the-wool conservatives, who are prone to compromise (read Boehner, McConnel, McCain, etc.) to keep from upsetting the apple cart, trying to claim the high road, because they don’t say things that will offend the easily offended, which is just about anything and everything. I don’t think Trump is the smartest man alive (though he probably does), but of the batch of candidates we have to choose from, he is probably the only one who is not motivated by special interests, PACs, or a desire to be accepted and inoffensive.

People conveniently forget that early politicians, servants of the people, were land owners, business men, and not career politicians. George Washington was a strong military man and leader, not to mention a devout Christian. He spent hours each day in prayer to incur divine guidance. He was so successful and well liked, largely because of his position of honor and integrity, that the people wanted him to be declared king of the United States after his second term in office as president. Politicians, today, would be wise to read his Farewell Address and marvel at his humility and honor, two traits sorely missing in politicians, today.
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