American People Fire First Shot Across Bow of DC Reps


On Saturday, I reported that members of AmericaAgain! were putting DC representatives on notice that they are being watched by their sovereigns and that, if need be, they will be held judicially accountable to the people if they are engaging in criminal activity. The campaign has been designed to get the attention of elected officials and of those that push what should be news, like Matt Drudge at, and get the message out that Americans can do something to turn the tide, instead of complaining and waiting for another election. Well, AmericaAgain! showed up as promised and delivered a message that America wants its representatives to hear, “You work for us!”

The “Good Guys Campaign,” as it has been dubbed, is being used to bring elected representatives back to Constitutional principles. It is offering them a chance to be onboard with the American people and to adhere to their oaths of office they took. Those that sign on will be put on the “good guys” list and those that don’t will be listed as “bad guys” and will be targeted for possible criminal indictment by the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine.

Several AmericaAgain! members took time to go to their representatives offices to make them aware of the “Good Guys Campaign” and remind them that they are not above the law. Benjamin Falvo led the campaign in New York while Alex Stone took on his representative in California. AmericaAgain! Founder and CEO David Zuniga brought the message in San Antonio at the Alamo, as Bobby Black showed up in Austin, Texas.
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