America Needs to Start Profiling and Security Checking Like Israel

The attack in San Bernardino wasn’t the first nor will it be the last little by little the ominous black cloud of radical Muslim terrorism is moving across this great country of ours. There are so many precautions our government should be doing but instead they are sitting on their hand.  Part of protecting us is a fence to secure the border and to track who comes into the country on visas. As previously discussed a fence bill was passed by congress, and a computer program was developed and being tested, however each was put on hold after Barack Obama moved into the White House.

Allow me to suggest that before it is too late, we need toss out the entire TSA system and all the employees and managers. We hire new people and begin to screen passengers and people in airports, bus and train stations the “Israeli way.” This means hiring agents based on their intelligence and their ability to behavior profile and profiling passengers as they make their way through the airport and/or depot.

The real difference between the Israeli and American approach is the goal. Israel tries to identify and stop the terrorist while the U.S. tries to stop the bomb or other weapon. The Israeli approach is totally void of politics and it is consistent no matter who sits in the Prime Minister’s office.  The Israeli government realizes the fight against terrorism is a fight for its very survival. Thus her government and citizenry have a view of preventing terrorism that is unencumbered by the political correctness which restrains efforts in the United States. But that has got to stop.

This doesn’t mean preventing everybody from one faith or another from entering the country. It’s an entirely different approach which the airport security division of the ISA (the Israeli Security Agency also known as Shin Bet) calls looking for the “human factor.”

Some parts of that human factor would cause Al Sharpton’s ears to bleed  just before he shows up to picket the Airport because ethnic profiling of passengers plays a role in Israel’s multilevel approach. However ethnicity is only one element of the profiling, country of origin, religion, general appearance and the most important element behavior, are all part of the data used to profile. Wherever that profile is being made, no matter what country a flight is leaving from, if the destination is Israel, an Israeli doing the screening. Israel does not believe in trusting its security to citizens of other countries and neither should the United States.

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