America Is No Longer ‘One Nation Under God’


In the continuing saga of the attack on religion, the lefties are at it again. You know, that same group who tried to remove God from their platform… and failed! Remember them? Well, they just won’t go away, like a bad rash in the summer heat.

My home state of Massachusetts has decided once again to waste mega-taxpayer bucks fighting the words “Under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance. So what’s the big whoop?

To my Christian friends, do you really believe the phrase “one nation under God” actually means anything? We’re a nation that sanctions killing babies in the womb. If we were truly “under God” we would protect the unborn. We’re a nation that sanctions same-sex marriage (marriage is a religious institution) when God’s word is very clearly against it.

And here’s my prediction, you heard it here first… next will be legalization of polygamy, then lowering the age of consent, and then who knows what will come next!

We’ve become a nation that pushes its citizens to trust in the government and not God. My Bible says that God is my sufficiency, not almighty America or almighty “place government name here”.

The words “under God” in our Pledge mean nothing more today than, telling your wife you love her as you beat and abuse her. They are just lies and empty words. My Christian friends, I’m challenging you to come out of the closet and stand up with God. He stood up for you!

The Massachusetts Supreme Court will be ruling on Doe v. Action-Boxborough Regional School District and whether the pledge violates students’ rights. The battle over the Pledge has been lost several times around the country in many federal courts. The new angle this time is “students’ rights”. Previously, they have used the non-existent separation of church and state law. This time they are using the infringement of student rights (I could do a book on the infringement on conservative students’ rights).

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