America Informs United Kingdom ‘Special Relationship’ is Over


This weekend the UK Daily Mail  discovered a secret memo prepared by the “Congressional Research Service (CRS), and in-house intelligence body that gives confidential analysis to legislators…” The memo, dated April 2015, was drafted “to brief the Senate and House of Representatives on the impact of Britain’s general election. The memo also warns that the United Kingdom faces turmoil if there is a hung parliament.”

It states “damningly that the UK may not be viewed as centrally relevant to the United States in all of the issues and relations considered a priority on the US agenda,” and that “organizations such as the G20 group of major economies has led to a decline in the influence and centrality of the relationship.”

The CRS also concludes “that while Britain and the US are likely to remain key economic partners, a reassessment of the special relationship may be in order… [b]ecause its geopolitical setting has been changing.”

I have to say, this is a rather earthshaking document. Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan will surely be turning in their graves as will Winston Churchill who in a 1944 speech coined the phrase “special relationship” between our two countries.
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