Amazon Founder – Ruthless Capitalist


by Pilgrim

On 60 Minutes December 1 show Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, was interviewed by Charlie Rose. For those of us who don’t watch this program, the major news outlets made a big deal out of Bezos unveiling future plans to make deliveries by unmanned drones. He was probably glad they made that the big deal instead of the idea that Amazon is “ruthless”.

Now if CBS had interviewed one of the Koch brothers or the CEO of Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby, then portraying them as “ruthless” is appropriate. The left has this idea that rich Republican capitalists are only rich because they are unscrupulous and horded and stole other people’s money. At the end of the 19th century they started calling them robber barons. They also talk about “unfettered capitalism” which has never existed. Politicians have always “fettered” capitalism to a certain degree. Big successful companies appreciate the fettering politicians do as long as the hardship is greater on their smaller competitors than it is on them.

The left never complains about ruthless governments. They will excuse any hardship from government interference because the government has such good intentions and has so much caring. Ugh.

As you read the transcript of a portion of the interview, imagine if Jeff Bezos had chosen selling health insurance policies instead of selling books. The private sector market has the savvy to do what the federal government can never do. They can make a profit while driving down the costs to their customers.

CBS transcript

Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of Amazon, with an estimated worth of at least $25 billion. He sold his first book on Amazon in another era, back in 1995.

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