Allen West’s personal message to Woman who wants American Sniper banned


Some things happen, which if they weren’t so doggone absurd would just make me cry from laughter. Remember the Flintstones and the little green guy that would sometimes sit on Fred’s shoulder named Gazoo? Gazoo acted as the inner Fred voice as a counselor advising him on making the right choices and decisions. Someone here really needs a little Gazoo on their shoulder – or a kick up the wazoo – I’m not sure which.

Front Page Magazine reports that a former leader of the Muslim Student Organization, the University of Missouri’s version of the Muslim Student’s Association (a front for the Muslim Brotherhood) is calling for a ban on “American Sniper” because it makes her feel “unsafe.”

Just to put this into perspective, imagine some leader of a German nationalist group in American complaining about newsreel stories depicting the heroic actions of SGT Alvin York during World War I.

Or how about the leader of a Nazi-sympathizing club complaining about the movie “To Hell and Back” starring Audie Murphy, the most decorated Soldier in World War II. I don’t recall any members of the Vietnamese community complaining about the movie, “We Were Soldiers.” Or do you think German Chancellor Angela Merkel was upset about Brad Pitt’s recent movie, “Fury?”


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