Allen West’s New Beginnings


So, it’s Friday the second of January and it’s my first day as the President/CEO of the 31-year-old National Center for Policy Analysis — a new beginning. And there is so very much to consider between tax reform analysis, budgetary system reform, free market healthcare reforms, regulatory and monetary systems reforms, controlling of our mandatory spending programs of the federal budget, energy policies, education opportunity, and of course our national security.

In other words, leading an astute group of research fellows at this time, there won’t be a boring minute. While I was running yesterday morning I just had to laugh at the attempts by certain liberal progressive media outlets to demean my position or this organization. I didn’t realize my comings and goings were so threatening to the left. But then again, when it comes to the desire to destroy, denigrate, and demean, the left is very adept, especially towards black conservatives. Good ol’ Saul Alinsky Rules for Radical number 12.

Regardless, this is a great opportunity to press on towards the restoration of our Constitutional Republic. Yes, you’ll still be able to tune in here for my commentary on current events. I’ll still be contributing to Fox News, and speaking engagements across the country will continue as we heighten the visibility of the NCPA. I’m looking forward to speaking in Lake Charles Louisiana in late February.

So 2015 will be busy and engaging — and exciting. It is nice to be back in Texas. As a young Artillery Lieutenant I remember driving the fellas down to Dallas from Ft. Sill — this place has gotten kinda bigger. And yes, I already have three pairs of cowboy boots — will be getting another pair soon. As for a Stetson hat? Hmm, I don’t know…

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