Allen West: Possibility Of Border Patrol Kidnapping All Too Real


From the bottom of my heart, I hope this story will be unfounded.

A Mexican drug cartel member is claiming to have abducted a United States Border Patrol agent. As reported by the LA Times, ” A threat called into a Texas town claiming that a Mexican drug cartel member has kidnapped an officer has federal officials scrambling to account for more than 3,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley.”

“La Joya police dispatchers received a call around 7 p.m. Thursday from a man claiming to have kidnapped a Border Patrol agent and threatening to kill him, according to Police Chief Geovani Hernandez. Hernandez says police believe the individual first called 911 Thursday morning to report illegal movement of people near the border. During that call, Hernandez says, the man seemed to believe he had hung up the phone and upon realizing the dispatcher was still on the line, became enraged. The man called back eight more times on Christmas, Hernandez said, repeatedly cursing at and threatening dispatchers in Spanish. The man mentioned a Border Patrol agent on the ninth and final call.”

The old commander in me would take the multiple calls made by the man as proof of this being more of a hoax than truth — but everything must be verified.

However, there is a bigger question to be asked — what if a U.S. Border Patrol agent were to be abducted?

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