Alec Baldwin Challenges “Fundamentalist Wing” of Gay Lobby


Whenever a political lobby becomes powerful enough to shout down high-profile Hollywood celebrities, it’s time to worry. Alec Baldwin was exactly right when he blamed “fundamentalist” gay activists for the end of his show on MSNBC, which I thought was quite good. Baldwin may have a short-fuse and is a bit self-righteous himself. But you’re allowed to be in America. Unfortunately, not enough attention is paid to members of the press who are obnoxious toward celebrities and other public figures. This cuts both ways.

Freedom can be a very hard item to live with in some respects. Under the First Amendment, individuals and groups are permitted to make incendiary, offensive remarks. While my view of it is broad, and far-reaching, it’s not absolutist. Take a look at some of the dissents Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has recorded in First Amendment cases for a thoughtful to take on this whole question.

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