Al-Qaida Strongly Encouraging Lone Wolf Attacks In US


Last night I appeared “On the Record” with Kimberly Guilfoyle sitting in for Greta, and we had a great discussion about “ending combat operations” in Afghanistan.

One thing we’ve failed to recognize is that Afghanistan is not a standalone war — it is a theater of operations in a greater conflagration against Islamo-fascism, Islamic totalitarianism, and jihadism. And when you consider the optics of conducting a flag lowing ceremony — well, it only emboldened the enemy who has not capitulated.

So on that note, the group we were told was decimated and on the run in 2012 has reconstituted as ISIS in Iraq from what was known as AQI (al-Qaida in Iraq) and is just as strong in Yemen as AQAP (al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula). In fact they’ve got really big plans for us here in the West.

As reported by, “Urging Muslims to carry out atrocities against the West, including attacks on aircraft, al-Qaida’s latest propaganda publication also identifies goals of the jihadist, including “inflicting damage” on unbelievers, “attaining Allah’s pleasure” – and the reward of virgins in paradise.”

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