Al Jazeera is Here… on 9/11 Anniversary!


12 year anniversary of Muslim terrorists first hitting our homeland; (if you don’t count the Timothy McVeigh/Muslim connection or the Clinton-Twin-Tower-bomb-attempt); on the heels of the Muslim Boston-Bombers’ (“lone-wolves”) massacre; at the conclusion of the Ft. Hood-Nidal-”Allahu-Akbhar”-Hasan trial- (“workplace violence,”); we now have Al Jazeera, the Hilary Clinton-recommended, Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda channel right in our living rooms! Oh, and the Million Muslim March on 9/ll in Wash. D.C.!! And there as still some dopes left in the country who think “Islam is just another religion.”

(See WND story “Bikers to Counter Million Muslim March” here.)

I guess the “peaceful Muslims” picked 9/11 for their Million Muslim March….to distance themselves from the bad Muslims??!! Or maybe they are apologizing for 9/11??!! I’m sure there will be lots of apology speeches.

I called my Dish Network that I got to watch Glenn Beck, and I asked them if I could cancel because I do not want Al Jazeera. They said, “You don’t have to watch it. Just switch the channel.” I asked for the manager. “We could block it from your TV.” I said, “That’s not the point. I don’t want to support Muslim terrorists. If my money goes to Dish, some of it will go to Al Jazeera which “has a long history of close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.” (See Aaron Klein story, “Al Jazeera: A Muslim Brotherhood Front” here.)

I continued to Dish, “I do not want to financially support Islamic Jihad.” The manager was stumped. He said it would cost me $ 400 to stop receiving cable TV.

I hope those of you, in the know, are doing something to fight back. Islam is not creeping into our country, it is rolling over us now. It is a real threat and the media has lulled the masses to sleep with stupid Trayvon and Miley Cyrus stories.

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