Aktion T4 (ACA) in Amerika


Yesterday, I was deeply disturbed by the story published by Barb Wire about the frightening ordeal of the Pelletier family, that had their 15-year-old daughter abducted and forcefully placed in a in a psyche ward by the state a year ago, and is currently incarcerated against her parents’ will in a non-medical state facility, where her health is rapidly deteriorating as she is being deprived of treatment for her mitochondrial disease, a rare genetic disorder that she was previously diagnosed with.

As I read the story, it brought back the nightmares of the forms of medical Nazism I’ve seen in Egypt, and had to write about it as this is one of the most dangerous things I’ve witness happing in America.

This specifically reminds me of the case of Gasser Mohammed, the former-Muslim man who was placed by the regime in the notorious Khanka mental institution in Egypt in 2005, after the state diagnosed him with mental illness for converting from Islam to Christianity. El-Khanka is still currently one of the old World insane asylums, similar the ones featured in Ghost haunting shows on American TV.

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