Airline Passenger Jailed for Wanting to File Complaint against TSA Agent


Over the past ten years, we’ve heard hundreds of horror stories involving TSA agents. Grandmothers, nuns, moms and girls have been groped and molested by TSA agents. Veterans have been treated rudely and had their rights violated. Personal items have been stolen from luggage and mundane harmless items have been confiscated by TSA agents. Perhaps one of the most ridiculous instances was when a TSA agent confiscated a two inch toy gun from the holster of a sock monkey that was made as a gift for a child.

But imagine being detained for over 3 hours and then jailed for a day without being told what the charges are, just for asking to file a complaint against a TSA supervisor. That’s what happened to Roger Vanderklok at the Philadelphia International Airport back on Jan. 26, 2013.

Vanderklok flies twice a month from Philly to run in half marathon races all over the country. On this particular day, he was heading to Miami. In his carryon luggage, he had a packet of PowerBars and a heart-monitoring watch. TSA agents looking at the x-rays of his bag said the items looked suspicious and asked to look inside. They asked Vanderklok if he had any organic matter in his luggage and thinking they meant things like fruit and vegetables, he said no.
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