Ahmed Mohamed: Just 14 and Already a Professional Islamo-Victim


Fourteen year-old Ahmed Mohamed has learned well how to play the victim. The MacArthur High School student caused a ruckus last week in Irving, Texas, when he brought a briefcase to school containing clock parts. He claimed it was a “clock” that he “invented” over the weekend—though it now appears evident that he didn’t really invent anything. According to Ahmed, he brought it to school to impress his engineering teacher. When the briefcase began beeping during English class, the teacher mistook it for a bomb and called the principal. The principal appeared minutes later, accompanied by policemen. Ahmed was arrested and charged with creating a hoax bomb, a crime under Texas law, though the charge was later dropped.

It sure is hard being a Muslim, isn’t it? You can’t even bring a briefcase with protruding wires to school without everybody thinking you’re a terrorist. Sheesh.

Ahmed has since been invited to bring his briefcase to the White House to meet President Obama. Oddly enough, the Secret Service would never in a million years allow a similar device anywhere near the President of the United States if it weren’t pre-cleared; and for good reason.

Ahmed also launched his own crowdfunding campaign to help pay for his education and the education of other talented young inventors. His goal is to raise $100,000. As of this writing, he’s already raised $13,237. Pleeeeease give me money! A second crowdsourcing campaign, presumably organized by a sympathetic soul, sprung up on another website. As of this writing, it’s raised $7,720. All proceeds go to Ahmed.
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