A&E is flooding damage control with lies about Phil Robertson


by Michael Becker

As you know, Phil Robertson the patriarch of Duck Dynasty created a stir with his quote in Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Actually, it’s the fact that his statement about homosexuals and homosexuality were taken wholly out of context by the media that created the storm. You’ll be shocked to know that they’ve made no effort to correct the problem THEY created.

Now that they’re faced with a HUGE backlash, A&E is now feeding the same major media with stories that are designed to further tarnish Phil and the Dynasty family.

Check the headline from Friday’s Los Angeles Times.

‘Duck Dynasty’: A&E warned Phil Robertson about speaking out too much

In the best Barack Obama fashion, A&E is pointing a finger and screaming at Phil. While they weren’t caught completely by surprise by Phil’s position on homosexuality they were absolutely caught off guard because they thought their contract had him under their thumb. They’ve been wronged, they’re the victim here.

The scandal has turned into the kind of tempest network executives feared all along. A&E knew of Robertson’s controversial views – expounded in videotaped sermons and elsewhere – before the show premiered in spring 2012, and warned him not to overshare on hot-button topics such as gay rights and race relations, according to a producer familiar with the situation.
[…] In a statement earlier this week, A&E said it was “extremely disappointed” to read the GQ interview.

The Times report goes on at length in the best of Progressive blah, blah, blah. What the story avoids is the truth.

Your Curmudgeon found the truth that the intrepid, professional reporters and their editors at the LA Times couldn’t seem to turn up.

Well, well, well, what do you know… it turns out the network had a publicist in the room with Phil Robertson when he gave much of his fateful interview to GQ magazine. And yet, no attempt at damage control was made, either during or after the interview.That’s a bit curious, isn’t it? The network didn’t do diddly-squat to stand up for the star of its top show. His comments have been widely distorted and misquoted, but A&E hasn’t lifted a finger to make it clear precisely what he said…

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