Ace Ventura Alert! About that Jim Carrey Apology to Gun Owners … ?


Anyone that lives in NYC will attest to the fact that the liberal indoctrination here runs deep. From a very young age we are taught that guns are very bad. Teachers constantly preach things like, “Only bad guys and the police have guns”, over and over and over and over again! These are the things we are taught to believe from a very young age growing up here in NYC. To reinforce these lessons we have these “gun free zones”, places where many of us fall victim to gun violence, despite these “gun free zone” signs. As a young man I was robbed at gun point, pistol whipped, used as a human shield in shootouts, and lost a few friends to gun violence. All in “gun free zones” and all reinforcing the “guns are bad” message that we are taught as children.

When registering to vote, as young, uninformed voters we will often wonder “What party should we support and why?” The answer is something like “Dude, you are from NYC, everyone here is a Democrat! You may not know it, but you are a Democrat, too”. Well, I guess they are right, my family is on welfare, we get section 8, we get the government cheese, so yeah, I guess we are Democrats. What do we know? This is what we are taught by our leaders from a very young age, so what are we to do? We just follow the herd, we vote Democrat.

Thank God for people like my friends over at These guys saw how my views were based simply on indoctrinated brainwashing, they took time out of their day and challenged my liberal views and my stance as a Democrat. Through respectful debate and intelligent dialogue with these folks here and there, I slowly realized that, though I have been voting Democrat my entire life, that my views are in fact leaning towards the right. Now here we are today, look at who I am writing for.

Enter the main topic of today’s discussion, Jim “I’m a buffoon” Carrey. I will admit I was a fan of Jim Carrey’s for a long time. I used to watch the show In Living Color when I was a kid. I’ve known of Jim Carrey since the old days of “Fire Marshall Bill”, but unless you grew up in the 80′s and lived in NYC then these names will not mean much to you. To us though, this was channel 5 prime time entertainment!

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