According to POTUS, ‘Some’ Republicans are ‘decent’


by Carly Hill

Yesterday’s shooting wasn’t just a guy with a gun and faceless people. My childhood best friend joined the Navy after nursing school. She is a navy nurse and she lives in D.C. Thankfully, she and her colleagues weren’t in the Navy Yard during the shooting.

I listened to Obama’s speech yesterday when he discussed Syria, the shooting, and the economy. In his statement about the shooting, I thought it tasteful that he didn’t use the tragedy to make a push for his gun control agenda.

However, I had a big problem with the way he put down Republicans – especially given the fact that I have several friends in the army who are registered Republicans. Our president does not hide his disdain for Republicans when speaking, but I would think that he’d have the decency to refrain from mud slinging given the tragedy that had just occurred minutes prior – when 13 naval officers were shot dead.

I’m right there with Krauthammer.

To say that some Republicans are decent is a big spit in the face to all the brave Republicans serving and protecting him in the army and navy. It’s like one of those backhanded compliments. “Some cheerleaders aren’t narcissistic airheads.” That would imply that most are. And, yes. As a former cheerleading captain, I took comments like that personally when people made them.

Does our President realize that half the country consider themselves conservatives? I’m wary of labeling myself a Republican because I think that the word has lost its meaning. There are so many different types of Republicans and so many RINOs out there, I usually just call myself a conservative, but I am, of course as conservatives are, a registered Republican.

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