Abuses in the Welfare State


Standing in line at Walmart this last week I noticed the people checking out in front of me were buying top of the line products. Not really a surprise that people enjoy higher quality items, however, I was surprised when I saw those people pay for their expensive items with their EBT card. As I’m watching them put their costly items in their cart, I look down into my own cart. My husband and I have a set budget for groceries and toiletries every week. Here I am buying the “cheap” items trying to stay within our budget, while they are buying the best on my dime. How is that fair?

My husband works very hard each day at to earn a living. We do our best to budget and save our money rather than spend what we don’t have and go into debt. A lesson our government has yet to learn!

Much of his hard-earned money is taken out in taxes funding welfare programs. Why should our money fund someone’s lifestyle when they refuse to work, choosing instead to live (expensively) off of the back of hard-working taxpayers?
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